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This entry posted on January 10th, 2005

I think this was Karen’s best collection so far. I especially liked the shorts and trousers. I feel that her signature bad girl is growing up into a very stylish woman”
Tim Blanks, Host, Fashion File, UK

I loved it. By far my favourite thing of the week. It made everything else look so drab. Well done”
Stephanie Wilson, Stylist, London Time Out, The Guardian, UK

Functional flights of fancy (the safari suit), the incredibly feminine yet super tough (all those pretty dresses). Dazzling, addictive (I want it all!). It was close as a fashion show I can think of has come to a rock show…”
Emma Forrest, Black Book, USA

I thought Karen’s show was terrific: very chic, strong and focussed with some very impressive tailoring and very appealing timeless youth­fulness about it that’s much harder to pull off than it looks”
Lisa Armstrong, The Times, UK