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This entry posted on February 10th, 2006

Walker’s fashion signature gets clearer and more confident every season, especially in the sense of a woman casually incor­por­ating elements of her man’s wardrobe into her own. The collection, by the way, was called Dough and Dynamite. It should generate plenty of the former for Walker – as for the latter, I think the packed London audience would agree it went with a bang! ”
 — Tim Blanks,,

…known for dressing cool girls who look even cooler in their boyfriend’s clothes but 100 per cent gorgeous in their own.”
 — Dolly Jones, VOGUE.COM

It was my show of the week, absolutely loved it!”
 — Lucie Kearney, Fashion Editor, ELLE

Another well put together collection”
 — Cat Callender, Freelance Fashion Writer, Independent, Telegraph Magazine

It was such a long day of shows, but so glad i made it to Karen Walker – it was really good”
 — Susannah Frankel, Independent

Really enjoyed show and strong collection – as usual one of the highlights of the week”
 — Iain R. Webb, Freelance Fashion Writer, New York Times, Harpers Bazaar US, Independent, i-D Magazine

Lots of calling in – it was wonderful”
 — Carolyn Asome, Deputy Fashion Editor, The Times

So good, always spot on – love shape of the jackets/tailored pieces”
 — Tamsin Blanchard, Fashion Editor, Telegraph Magazine

Can’t get enough of Karen Walker”
 — Jo Schlenzka, Fashion Editor, Dazed & Confused

A great show for London!”
 — Erika kurihara, Fashion Editor, i-D Magazine

A show awash with great looks and nice running theme”
 — Jess Cartner-Morley, Fashion Editor, The Guardian

Confident and direc­tional collection as always; lots of great key looks and must-have pieces”
 — Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director, Daily Telegraph

Girls love Karen Walker — it’s a fact. And I for one will stand up and be counted as one of them! The highlight of the collection? A black silk-crepe wrap dress cut high on the neck with a single button on one hip. Accessorised with a jewelled beret, this oozed easy sophist­ic­ation and skimmed the body gently without being too tight. Ms Walker, we salute you…”
 — Bianca Donnelly —

Even Hoxton favourite Karen Walker came over all grown-up, with elegant “sweater” dresses in slub silks, worn with high heels and opaque tights.”
 — Jess Cartner-Morley — Fashion Editor — THE GUARDIAN

The whole shebang had a wonder­fully offhand, downtown rock-and-roll vibe that did, indeed, feel fresh and revolu­tionary, despite its obvious refer­ences to the past. Vivre la revolution, Walker style!”
 — Lauren David Peden — FASHION WIRE DAILY